About the Association

The “Polish Club FARMER OF THE YEAR” Association is the organizer of the competition. It was established in 2001 and conducts its activities according to the Law on Associations of 7 April 1989 (Law Gazette No. 20, Item 104, of 10th April 1989, with later amendments).

The aims of the Association are:

  • to promote around the whole Poland  the  idea of modern farming, resourcefulness and inventiveness in agriculture,
  • to bring  together producers, distributors, and contractors in the agricultural industry, and encourage them to introduce new techniques and technologies,
  • to represent Association  members and Polish producers, distributors  and contractors, according to the agreement to be represented by the Association,
  • to cooperate with local governments and government administrative agencies in agricultural affairs,
  • to organize ‘the best agricultural producer (in production, trade and services) competitions’ 
  • to represent Association  members in their dealings with organizations from other countries and with international organizations,
  • to initiate and organize national or regional projects involving the lines of business represented by the Association,
  • to advise on, and provide support for, invention projects that are expensive to carry out but considered valuable, through special foundations,
  • to popularize and promote technological innovations in agriculture,
  • to support other organizations that are committed to achieving goals in line with the statutory aims of the Association,
  • to encourage fundraising in support of initiatives conforming with the aims of the Association,
  • to participate in organizing agricultural trainings.

Full members of  the Association  can be natural persons demonstrating full capacity to enter into legal transactions and who are not deprived of public rights, regardless of their place of permanent residence, provided  that they represent entities directly involved in agricultural production, distribution or services and are current or past finalists of the Countrywide FARMER OF THE YEAR Competition.

Honorary membership of the Association is open to natural persons who have made outstanding contributions in promoting the Association’s ideas or who have been of service to the Association in another notable way.